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Sound Designer, Composer

ValoJump Game JUMPBALL

Valo Motion 


Set in future, glitchy, yet slick world of Jumpball challenges two players, who are so skillful, they seem to have superpowers. Distantly reminding us about the ballgames we now, this game is a whole new ballpark. 

Can be player either alone, or as multiplayer game, with places that have 2 ValoJumps installed. What is a ValoJump? Read more here! 

I worked as a solely responsible Audio Designer, serving as a Sound Designer taking care of SFX, mixing and implementing and Composer, Composing and producing Dynamic Soundtrack for the game. 

I would refer this game as my best Game Audio work so far, both as an experience and result. Just check it out for yourself! Every sound event is carefully designed to serve the gameplay, and give depth to the backdrop, all music is dynamic, and even hardness level, and factors such as how tight the match is have an effect on what you hear. More detailed SFX & Music breakdowns will be featured on my Youtube Channel soon!