Some of my past work: 

Hi! I offer Premium 
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My Name Is
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you can call me Time.
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Clients and Partners


AR Climbing Fun & Sports Game

Sound Designer, Composer ValoClimb Game Hullaballoon,

Valo Motion 


Fun, Fun Fun. Pop balloons, Climb higher, Pop More Balloons, Use Special Tricks, like blow up a bomb, unleash a hurricane, or fill the field with water to pop even more balloons. Listen to the highly dynamic sound design and music. Almost every sound in the game is implemented into the game engine in small pieces, which makes the somewhat simple mechanics feel less repetitive and make the balloon popping really enjoyable. 

I worked as a solely responsible Audio Designer, serving as a Sound Designer taking care of SFX, mixing and implementing and Composer, Composing and producing Dynamic Soundtrack for the game. Thinking about this game makes me smile! 

Mobile Puzzle/Match-3 Game 

& Visual Novel Platform

Sound Designer, Tiles & Tales Match-3 (Tiles) and Composer for Tiles & Tales Visual Story Mode (Tales)

KuuHubb Oy 2019 & 2020

Match -3? Yes. A Great one? Yes. Visual Novels on the Side? Yes. Tiles & Tales by Kuuhubb combines delicious Match -3 puzzling with Thrilling, Fun, And Romantic Player´s Choice Novels, with with fantastic Hand-Drawn art. 

Most of the Sound Effects are made 100% from scratch, utilizing Toys, Cardboard games, household objects and funny instruments. I´d say, that we have managed to make it sound new, but feel familiar! 

I have worked as a Sound Designer for this game since 2019´s early development stages. Game is currently on Soft Launch and Available in App Store and Google Play. I have also composed and produced most (There is few Great themes made by Perttu Vänskä as well) of the original music for Tales, the visual novel part of the game.  

AR Climbing Puzzle Sports Game

Sound Designer, ValoClimb game Shadowlings, Valo Motion 


Another Crazy Fun Project from Valo Motion, creators of ValoJump and ValoClimb AR Platforms. In the game, players try to gently guide Shadowlings, those cute dark furry creatures to their safe haven, eternally rolling rainbow. Sounds too easy? It is not! Especially if you are not a climber. But this game will trick you into climbing very quickly, and especially kids, natural climbers, love this game. 

This time as a solely responsible Audio Designer, Sound effect design for AR game for Valo Motion´s Unique ValoClimb Platform. 

Design, creation and implementation of all the sounds in the game, as well as supervising and consulting the music composition (again done by Master Veli Laamanen) Unity, FMOD

Sound designer / Trax, ValoJump game, Valo Motion 2019

Sound effect design for AR game for Valo Motion´s Unique ValoJump Platform. Trax utilises the platform in new way, making use of instead only jumping, also the motion of hands. Trax is a mixed dancing/jumping game. Check Out the Tonal Node Sounds following the scales of Dynamic Game Music (composed by Veli Laamanen)

Another Job under Supervising Sound designer Can Uzer was Sound Design from scratch, involving Foley-recording, using multiple plug-ins, Libraries, Software and Synths, editing, iteration, testing and Game Engine implementation. 

AR Dance/Skill Jump Sports Game

AR Multiplayer Sports Game

Sound designer / Super Stomp, Valojump Game, Valo Motion 2019

Sound effect design AR game for Valo Motion´s Unique ValoJump Platform, The World’s first Multiplayer AR Trampoline Game, Super Stomp. Pay attention to the SFX Matching the Visual Style of... Futuristic South American Temples? 

I did, under supervision of my Game Audio Mentor Can Uzer, Sound Design from scratch, involving Foley-recording, Using Multiple Plug-ins, Libraries, Software and Synths, editing, iteration, testing, and finally implementing into game engine with audio middleware. 

Interactive Virtual Reality

Art Exhibition with Dynamic Spatial Audio

Sound Designer / Inside Outside Finland VR Art Exhibition / Donkey Hotel & Pertin Valinta 2018

Spatial Audio Recording, Design And Implementation for non-linear, dynamic VR Art exhibition of Finnish Outsider Art made for heavy-duty VR headsets of the time. After its premiere, Inside Outside Finland has Toured all around the World from Helsinki to New York, London, and Dublin to many other places. 


As a Sound Designer, I explored the realm of VR Storytelling, Technical execution of Headlocked Spatial Audio experience, and I ended up with Design -  Ambisonic Location Recording -Foley & SFX - Music Placement - Mix - 3D- Mix - Unity Implementation -Workflow.